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About Our Suppliers

We understand success of our business is based on our reliable manufacturers. We have built consolidated relationship with them. To choose a new partner, some procedures are inevitable, such as conducting on-site inspection and checking all the documents. Furthermore, integrity and quality are the core values which both we and our partners always embed in our minds.

Medical Devices

In China, medical devices need to be authorized by the National Medical Products Administration (NEPA). Manufacturers should hold the production permit besides the business license. Medical Devices License issued by NEPA are mandatory as well. Medical device distributors also should get the establishment license to run the business. 

For this reason, we only choose the companies holding the permit for many years. These companies have good reputation and strive to improve the product performance to help them compete in the market. Some medical devices manufacturers, such as surgical masks, surgical gowns and coveralls, have a long term business with US and EU. So their products have all the documents required to enter into these countries.

PPE for personal use

N95 or KN95 masks are not medical devices. Due to the shortage of PPE, many countries issued emergency use authorization that allows these masks to be used in health facilities to fight against with Covid-19. N95 masks are considered as the best tool to keep health providers safe, but they are rare to be purchased in the market during the pandemic. We can get access to Rizhao Sanqi , which got the NIOSH approval to manufacture the authentic N95 respirators. In order to secure the source of products, we have several suppliers for KN95 masks. They both have the skilled workers, qualified workshop and qualified management system. One of them has got the EUA from US, which make their KN95 masks eligible for use in the health facilities.

As an importer, we commit to undertake the responsibilities to bring authentic and qualified products into Canada. It is not only business, but also your health.